Reporting Glossary

The Coull Platform Dashboard uses the specific terminology to report performance. For clarity we have defined each term below:

The date displayed as selected in the date range field.

The number and description of the tag utilised in the Coull Platform

Ad Requests
The total number of valid requests made to our QUASAR server. These are logged before we filter out any requests which may be from blocked domains or IPs, for example.

The number of ad requests for which we had at least one appropriate demand source available, regardless of whether any demand source actually delivered an ad. Opportunities is a sub-set of ad requests and will therefore always be equal to or less than that total.

The amount of successful impressions.

Fill Rate
The ratio of impressions/opportunities, expressed as a percentage.
(Impressions / Opportunities) * 100

Revenue (USD)
The amount of revenue you have earned in US dollars. This figure is based on impressions, divided by 1000 and multiplied by floor price (CPM).
(Impressions / 1000) * Floor Price (CPM)

Invalid Traffic
The weighted percentage of impressions identified as invalid traffic by Coull's trusted third-party measurement vendors. Further information: Invalid Traffic and Alerts

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