Invalid Traffic and Alerts

The Invalid Traffic (IVT) metric and Alerts features of the Coull Platform Dashboard allow for analysis, tracking and management against invalid traffic being transacted upon within your Coull account.

Partners should monitor this metric and any alerts to ensure they adhere to Coull's Invalid Traffic Detection, Filtration and Prevention policy and to avoid service disruptions on their account.


The Invalid Traffic metric is displayed in the relevant column of the dashboard data table as a percentage.

The Invalid Traffic % reported is the weighted average of the number of impressions identified as invalid traffic by Coull's trusted third-party measurement vendors, post-impression, expressed as a percentage of total impressions measured.

Any supply tag measured with unacceptably high IVT according to Coull policy will trigger an alert to appear in the Alerts column of the data table. You should contact for consultation to identify and remediate the invalid traffic on any tag(s) showing an alert. This assumes the tag has not already been addressed to reduce IVT since the period shown.

Reports Grouped by Account

When the report is grouped by Account, the mean Invalid Traffic % across all contributing tags will be displayed in the Invalid Traffic column.

If any tags in your account infringed Coull policy during the reported period, an alert will be displayed in the Alerts column. You may click this alert to view the same report grouped by tag and identify the offending tag(s).

Reports Grouped by Tag

When reporting is grouped by tag, the Invalid Traffic % for the tag specified in the Tag field will be displayed in the Invalid Traffic column.

The Alerts column will display an alert for any tag which infringed Coull policy during the time period indicated in the Period column.

Invalid Traffic Remediation

Platform partners are expected to collaborate with Coull's Compliance team for consultancy and detailed data analysis to identify and remediate sources of invalid traffic. Partners with invalid traffic concerns should contact

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