Platform Acceptable Use Policy

These guidelines apply to Company’s use of the Advertising Platform Services.


  1. Company’s use of the Services will comply with all relevant UK Legal Requirements.
  2. Company’s use of the Services will not promote or facilitate illegal, harmful, fraudulent, or misleading activity.
  3. Company’s use of the Services may not infringe the rights of others.
  4. Company’s use of the Services may not propagate malware.
  5. Company Property and Company Ad Source information must be entered accurately and clearly labeled.
  6. Company Ad Sources will not contain any Malicious Content.
  7. Company Properties may not cache Advertising Platform Services responses to ad requests.
  8. Users are prohibited from altering, modifying, wrapping, enclosing, rebranding, or redirecting any connections between Coull Properties using 3rd party tags, another advertising platform or by any other means other than those intended by the Coull Properties.
  9. Company will refrain from generating or being a part of Invalid Traffic.
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